Best tablet 2017: The 10 top tabs ranked

iPad Pro

UPDATE: After a long Android tablet drought, we now have a new addition to our list of the Best tablets of 2017 with the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, successor to the might Tab S2. On top of this, we’ve also added Microsoft’s newest and best Surface Pro to date. Where did they place? You’ll just have to read on to find out!

When Apple revolutionised the tablet category with the iPad, it was criticised for being a device designed for consumption rather than creation, despite it clearly being the best tablet around.

From Apple’s larger iPad Pro to Android’s Google and Samsung tablets, there’s a lot of choice out there. And it’s more than just iOS and Android Nougat devices, unlike the best smartphones – Windows makes an appearance, too.

And with the arrival of even more powerful devices like the iPad Pro and the new Microsoft Surface Pro, that trend towards creation is only going to grow.

But it creates a new problem. With so many quality devices to choose from, how do you select which device is best for your needs?

It’s only the beginning of 2017, so we can expect a number of tablet announcements in the near future. For now, we’ve tried to make it easy for you to pick the right slate for you with our round up of the best tablets of the moment available in Australia.

The iPad Pro is Apple’s biggest and most powerful tablet yet, with a 12.9-inch screen, an A9X processor and 4GB of RAM.

That big screen combined with four great speakers make it a media powerhouse and if you splash out for the Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard you can get serious work done on it too.

The size and weight won’t be for everyone and the price certainly won’t be, but the iPad Pro is an accomplished slate for everything from gaming and movies, to drawing and typing. It’s not quite a laptop replacement, but it’s the closest you’ll to that this side of a Surface Pro.

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iPad mini 4

The iPad mini 3 might have been a disappointment but Apple more than made up for it with the iPad mini 4. With its sleek design, fairly powerful processor and stunning screen it’s everything the mini 3 should have been.

It’s still slightly less powerful than the iPad Air 2 and a lot less powerful than the iPad Pro, but it’s also cheaper than them and it’s one of the highest-spec compact slates around.

So if you want an Apple tablet in a smaller package than is offered by the Air 2 then this is the best in the business and with Touch ID and iOS 9 it’s slick and feature-packed too.

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best tablet 2016

Most tablets are very similar to one another, but not the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro. It sits in its own sub-category of Android tablets that try and succeed at being weird, yet awesome.

This tablet has all of the usual amenities that one desires in a 2017 tablet, such as 2,560 x 1600 display and a huge 10,200mAh battery. But this tablet also houses a hidden projector that can splash the screen onto a wall for night-time viewing. Cool, right? It’s novel, but actually useful.

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Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

Sony’s Xperia Z4 Tablet is one of the best Android tablets available on the market and it’s one of the few capable of putting up a fight against the iPad Air 2.

It’s got a lovely screen, lightweight design, all the Sony elements you’d look for and the right power combination to keep it on the front foot.

The waterproof design makes it a more attractive proposition over the less robust slates on the market, although the UI isn’t the slickest and the price tag is one of the highest.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

There are plenty of reasons to invest in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 – especially if you’re after the best Android tablet on the market.

It’s reading and web surfing-friendly, while the new 4:3 screen and general size and shape is better suited for most things. Videos work better on its predecessor thanks to the more elongated aspect ratio – but they don’t exactly look bad here.

You can pick the Tab S2 up in 8-inch and 9.7-inch variants, to challenge Apple’s iPad and iPad Mini ranges, with the smaller option being more portable and cheaper.

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iPad Air 2

Even though it has been replaced by Apple iPad Pro line, it’s Wi-Fi only iPad is still a brilliant tablet that has further raised the bar for the rest of the competition in terms of build quality, features and performance.

The best part is this is now cheaper than ever before thanks to the release of the iPad Pro 9.7, with a hard-to-beat price of $469. Apple’s range of tablet-optimised apps and a slick user interface makes the iPad extremely versatile while also being incredibly easy and enjoyable to use.

If you want an iPad but aren’t interested in cellular connectivity or the iPad Pro’s productivity-focused features, this is the iPad to get. Alternatively, you can also opt for a cellular version with 128GB of storage for $799, but for the purposes of this list, we’re recommending the entry-level model because of its unbeatable price.

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Google Pixel C

Google’s done it – it’s made the best Android tablet around. The Pixel C has it all: a fantastic display, heaps of power and a premium design.

Okay, it’s not quite got it all – it’s a little on the heavy side and the pricey (yet rather clever) keyboard dock isn’t fully utilised by the Android interface which is made very much for touch and not physical keys and productivity.

The Pixel C just misses out on top spot to the iPad Air 2, which has an even more desirable design and a fleet of tablet optimised applications for a more complete experience.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4

There’s no doubt that the Surface Pro 4 has its fair share of issues, many of which took a bit too long to rectify or at least patch up. With the new, numberless Surface Pro, it couldn’t be more obvious that Microsoft took that feedback to heart.

For one, the battery life has been improved by as much as 32%, based on our testing, in a design that refines the existing template without tangibly adding any weight or thickness. Secondly, Microsoft vastly improved the Surface Pen, Type Cover and even the Surface Pro hinge to make it a stronger laptop-and-tablet replacement than ever.

Though it no longer includes a Surface Pen in the package, Microsoft has improved just about every facet of the Surface Pro 4’s design while addressing complaints of battery life and even issues some might not have even noticed – like a hinge that could have titled even further.

If you’re willing to pay a bit more for the latest accessories than even before, the new Surface Pro remains the ultimate 2-in-1 laptop and productivity tablet. So much so that, despite Microsoft’s decision to pull the Surface Pen from the box, it remains worthy of our Recommended award.

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Finally available to buy in Australia, the Galaxy Tab S3 is easily the best Android tablet on the market right now thanks to its all-glass design upgrade, a beautiful future-proofed HDR-ready display and included S Pen and all the extra functionality that brings with it. It’s hardly a difficult call for us to make – the year-old Google Pixel C is its only real challenger at a similar size, and the Tab S3 replaces the now-cheaper, but still impressive Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

The Galaxy Tab S3 is Samsung’s best travel-friendly 2-in-1 tablet that can pull off productivity – if you’re willing to pay for the separate keyboard. It’s thinner and lighter than the equally tempting 2-in-1 Samsung Galaxy Book, and it finally gives the iPad Pro some meaningful competition.

Among the Galaxy Tab S3’s numerous improvements over the Tab S2, the ones made to its battery might be our favourites. Its larger 6,000mAh battery capacity offers longer use throughout the day, while its new fast charging capability lets you get up and running again in a much quicker fashion than its sloth-like predecessor.

If you’re an early adopter who wants to stay ahead of the curve, with an eye on watching HDR movies in the near future, this really is the best tablet for you. Along with its multimedia focus, the capacity for productivity is also there thanks to the optional keyboard accessory, so long as slow your work speed down to meet the pace of Android multitasking.

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iPad Pro 9.7

The best tablet you can buy right now is the iPad Pro 10.5 – Slightly smaller than the too big 12.9-inch model, Apple has hit the sweet spot here, offering terrific build quality and powerful innards to produce the best tablet on the market.

The 10.5-inch iPad Pro represents Apple deciding to make a tablet with absolutely everything crammed in. The best in audio performance, the cream of the company’s mobile screen tech, and all the power that can be crammed inside the metal walls of a digital slate.

Make no mistake: the new iPad Pro is the device that Apple wants you to buy to replace your laptop if you’re not going to pay out for a new MacBook.

The 10.5-inch iPad Pro is a stunning machine in many ways. The speed and raw power on offer when doing pretty much any task on it can’t be understated, and the upgrades to the screen are just beautiful at times.

The issue comes when comparing what’s on offer to the cost – when you add up all the things you need to make the iPad Pro a real laptop competitor – the Smart Keyboard, Apple Pencil and the iPad itself – you’re looking at a hefty chuck of change that’s verging on MacBook territory.

Still, this is a magnificent iPad with a perfectly sized display, one that feels more ‘pro’ than the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and less over-the-top than the enormous 12.9 inch version. This is the iPad Pro to get in our eyes.

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Essential apps

Best apps

As with today’s best phones, applications play a big role on tablets – once you’ve decided which of these tablets is right for you, check out our top app lists so you can get your fill of Temple Run, update your friends on Facebook and read the latest news, all on a bigger screen.


The best voice recognition software of 2017

Many people think voice recognition and dictating to your PC, rather than typing on a keyboard, is a technology still stuck in the proverbial dark ages – an exercise in frustration which results in a document littered with mistakes that take forever to correct.

But these days, the truth couldn’t be further from that. Even out of the box, a good speech recognition package is impressively accurate – and even more so when you’ve trained it a little. It also helps to remember to speak at a steady and even pace, because if you rush out garbled sentences, you might see the software struggle a little.

Overall, dictation software has come on massive leaps and bounds, and doesn’t just let you dictate emails or documents, but also control your PC to some extent with voice commands.

Speech recognition isn’t just about the PC, either. There are full-scale tools for tablets and phones these days, which can sync up with your computer to allow you to work when out and about, and subsequently pick up where you left off when you get back to the office. Again, the leading vendors in this field are offering clever tricks aplenty.

So which are the tip-top tools you should be considering if you want to make the best out of voice recognition? Read on and find out.

Dragon has long been regarded as ruling the roost when it comes to speech recognition on the PC, with a long line of quality products which work at a high standard. We’ve used Dragon since version 13, and with the software now on incarnation number 15, the newest offering provides a number of powerful improvements.

Not the least of which is ‘deep learning’ technology which helps the dictation software achieve greater levels of accuracy the more you use it, learning common words and phrases that you employ, and also adapting to background noise or your accent. Deep learning aside, Dragon 15 has a higher baseline accuracy right out of the box, too. Overall, it’s noticeably more accurate and responsive than older versions.

This software provides full dictation capabilities, as well as voice commands to control your PC (to open programs, navigate web pages and so forth – and note that you can dictate wherever you want, for example in Gmail in your browser).

Extra features include the ability to create boilerplate forms or email signatures which can be inserted into a document with a single, simple command. There’s also a transcription facility which can analyze an audio clip, podcast or similar, turning it into text. Both these capabilities could be major timesavers for those who will use them regularly.

Okay, so it isn’t cheap, but the number of features you get here, not to mention the accuracy level of the speech recognition – particularly after a little training and acclimatization with the deep learning tech – make this well worth the cash. If you’re serious about flexing your voice muscles on the PC, this is the product to go for.

Note that this is a Windows package, but there is also a separate version for Mac.

This is Dragon’s mobile product for Android and iOS devices, however this is no ‘lite’ app, but rather offers fully-formed dictation capabilities powered via the cloud. So essentially you get the same excellent speech recognition as seen on the desktop software – the only meaningful difference we noticed was a very slight delay in our spoken words appearing on the screen (doubtless due to processing in the cloud). However, note that the app was still responsive enough overall.

It also boasts support for boilerplate chunks of text which can be set up and inserted into a document with a simple command, and these, along with custom vocabularies, are synced across the mobile app and desktop Dragon software. Furthermore, you can share documents across devices via Evernote or cloud services (such as Dropbox).

This isn’t as flexible as the desktop application, however, as dictation is limited to within Dragon Anywhere – you can’t dictate directly in another app (although you can copy over text from the Dragon Anywhere dictation pad to a third-party app). The other caveats are the need for an internet connection for the app to work (due to its cloud-powered nature), and the fact that it’s a subscription offering with no one-off purchase option, which might not be to everyone’s tastes.

Even bearing in mind these limitations, though, it’s a definite boon to have fully-fledged, powerful voice recognition of the same sterling quality as the desktop software, nestling on your phone or tablet for when you’re away from the office.

Dragon offers a 7-day free trial to give the app a whirl before you commit to a subscription.

Google has a free speech recognition facility built right into Google Docs (the word processor in G Suite).

The strength with Google’s voice solution is that it’s actually surprisingly accurate, particularly considering this is a freebie offering. If you’re happy using G Suite and want something for casual dictation which will cost you absolutely nothing, this is a great option to have.

However there is a caveat here, namely that you have to be using Google’s Chrome browser for voice to be supported on your desktop PC (Voice Typing can also be used with some Android and iOS devices).

Also note that this is purely for speech dictation within Google Docs, and the system doesn’t offer the likes of voice commands for the desktop. It’s all about dictating text, and issuing commands regarding formatting your document, but nothing outside that.

You can fire up the voice capability within Google Docs (remember, you have to be using the Chrome browser) by clicking on the Tools menu and then selecting Voice Typing.

Braina is speech recognition software which is built not just for dictation, but also as an all-round digital assistant to help you achieve various tasks on your PC. It supports dictation to third-party software in not just English but almost 90 different languages, with impressive voice recognition chops.

Beyond that, it’s a virtual assistant that can be instructed to set alarms, search your PC for a file, or search the internet, play an MP3 file, read an ebook aloud, plus you can implement various custom commands.

The Windows program also has a companion Android app which can remotely control your PC, and use the local Wi-Fi network to deliver commands to your computer, so you can spark up a music playlist, for example, wherever you happen to be in the house. Nifty.

There’s a free version of Braina which comes with limited functionality, but includes all the basic PC commands, along with a 7-day trial of the speech recognition which allows you to test out its powers for yourself before you commit to a subscription. Yes, this is another subscription-only product with no option to purchase for a one-off fee. Also note that you need to be online and have Google’s Chrome browser installed for speech recognition functionality to work.

If you don’t want to pay for speech recognition software, and you’re running Microsoft’s latest desktop OS, then you might be pleased to hear that Windows 10 actually has some very solid voice recognition abilities built right into the operating system.

Windows Speech Recognition, as it’s imaginatively named – and note that this is something different to Cortana, which offers basic commands and assistant capabilities – lets you not only execute commands via voice control, but also offers the ability to dictate into documents.

The sort of accuracy you get isn’t comparable with that offered by the likes of Dragon, but then again, you’re paying nothing to use it. It’s also possible to improve the accuracy by training the system by reading text, and giving it access to your documents to better learn your vocabulary. It’s definitely worth indulging in some training, particularly if you intend to use the voice recognition feature a fair bit.

This speech recognition capability is actually in previous versions of Windows as well, although Microsoft has honed it more with the latest OS. The company has been busy boasting about its advances in terms of voice recognition powered by deep neural networks, and Microsoft is certainly priming us to expect impressive things in the future. The likely end-goal aim is for Cortana to do everything eventually, from voice commands to taking dictation.

Turn on Windows Speech Recognition by heading to the Control Panel (search for it, or right click the Start button and select it), then click on Ease of Access, and you will see the option to ‘start speech recognition’ (you’ll also spot the option to set up a microphone here, if you haven’t already done that).


The best TalkTalk broadband deals in August 2017

We can’t imagine that TalkTalk internet is the name that first pops into your head when you start researching a new broadband deal for your home. But since breaking away from Carphone Warehouse more than five years ago and into broadband, it has become one of the very cheapest internet providers on the market.

And it doesn’t stop at inexpensive broadband only deals. Because TalkTalk also comes up with some truly spectacular prices on broadband and TV deals. Take a look at our price comparison tool above to whittle down the best internet plan for your household. Or, if you want some more information about what TalkTalk offers, then keep on reading…

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TalkTalk broadband packages compared – what broadband speed can I get with TalkTalk?

It’s one of the trickier decisions you’ll have to make when choosing your broadband deal – do you save money with standard ADSL or splash the extra on a superfast fibre broadband package? Your options on TalkTalk are as follows:

TalkTalk Fast Broadband

To be honest, the name is slightly misleading here. TalkTalk’s so-called Fast Broadband is no quicker than any other standard ADSL 17Mb (around 2.1MB per second) internet connection. But TalkTalk is invariably around the cheapest providers on the market. TalkTalk Fast Broadband includes:

  • Up to 17Mb speed
  • Super Router
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Super-Safe antivirus from F-Secure

TalkTalk Faster Broadband

If there are several members in your household who all use the internet simultaneously, it’s well worth the extra few pounds a month to upgrade to TalkTalk’s superfast fibre optic offering – Faster Broadband. That way, you reduce the chance of being frustrated by laggy video streams, slow downloads and sluggish web surfing. It’s not available everywhere however, so use our postcode checker at the top of the page to see whether fibre is available where you live. TalkTalk Faster Broadband includes:

  • Up to 38Mb speed
  • Super Router
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Super-Safe antivirus from F-Secure

TalkTalk Faster Fibre Broadband with Speed Boost

Upgrade to Speed Boost and take your broadband up to 76Mb – that’s not far off 10MB per second! This has to be your choice if you intend to stream 4K TV and films. Go for this package and you can more or less forget any concerns about interrupted internet use, regardless of how many people are trying to access it at once. Faster Fibre Broadband with Speed Boost includes:

  • Up to 76Mb speed
  • Super Router
  • Unlimited data usage
  • Super-Safe antivirus from F-Secure

What TalkTalk TV packages can I add to broadband?

Its internet and fibre deals may be cheap enough on their own, but some TalkTalk TV offers make the provider really worth considering if you want a one-stop shop for broadband and TV.

TalkTalk TV This basic plan is basically just the regular 80-odd channels that you get on Freeview. So if you already have Freeview integrated into your TV or via a set-top box, then we wouldn’t advise paying extra for this from TalkTalk.

TalkTalk TV Plus TV Plus adds Sky’s basic suite of channels. So on top of the regular Freeview content, you also get Sky 1 and 2, Sky Arts, Sky Living and Sky Sports News.

Sky Sports and Sky Cinema Boost Here’s where things get really interesting. TalkTalk has got superb pricing on these two premium TV options. Add the spree of Sky Sports OR Sky Cinema channels and get the whole lot for less than £30 (if you go for 17Mb speeds).

Click to order TalkTalk broadband and TV now

What is the TalkTalk Super Router?

No matter which TalkTalk broadband plan you opt for, you’ll be sent the standard TalkTalk router – the grand sounding TalkTalk Super Router. It’s delivered free of charge and TalkTalk describes it as featuring the “best performance in class”.

How long will my TalkTalk broadband contract last?

TalkTalk gives you a little bit more flexibility than some other providers. You can choose from 12, 18 or 24-month contracts. And TalkTalk guarantees your monthly tariff for the entire course of the contract, so it’s potentially worth going for a longer contract if you can bag a Black Friday-esque price. That said, it tends to keep its best prices for 18-month deals.

Do I get a TalkTalk landline?

You do indeed. Every TalkTalk broadband package comes with a landline included in the price. And it throws in free call privacy features as well, including caller display, anonymous caller reject and last caller barring.

TalkTalk doesn’t have the usual array of different calling plans that other providers offer. But you can add Unlimited UK Calls – giving as many calls as you like to UK mobiles and landlines – or choose from one of three international call packages.

If you’re worried that you’ll have to change telephone number when you switch to TalkTalk, there’s really no need to be. Like most other providers (e.g. BT, Sky, Plusnet, etc), TalkTalk uses an Openreach landline. And if you were previously with Virgin, it’s easy to ‘port’ your number over.

Can I add TalkTalk mobile?

This is a very easy one to answer – it’s a big, fat NO. Or at least not at the moment. TalkTalk isn’t currently doing mobile contracts, but its website suggests that it isn’t far away on the horizon. We’re hoping that when it does, TalkTalk will follow the likes of Vodafone and EE by offering discounts if you take both services.

To transfer to TalkTalk Broadband now, head to our comparison table at the top of this page and narrow down your perfect plan. Alternatively, you can head straight to the TalkTalk Shop.


EE broadband just became the cheapest internet provider on the market

Stand aside, Sky. Budge up, BT. Take a hike, TalkTalk. And…erm…something alliterative with Virgin Media. EE is the big new player in the broadband deals game, and it’s cheaper than all of you!

EE is offering unlimited broadband for £18.50 per month with only £7 to pay upfront. That shaves £30 a year off the cheapest offering from Sky broadband and £90 for 12 months cheaper than BT’s standard plan.

Keep scrolling to see the full details of this brilliant EE deal and to find out a little more about EE’s broadband proposition, including the bonus you get if you have an EE mobile contract too. But you’ll have to get in quick – this promotional price is only around for one week!

Cheap broadband from EE

EE Unlimited Broadband | 18 months | Up to 17Mb | Weekend calls | No TV | FREE activation| £7 router delivery | £18.50pm
This really is an excellent price from EE. No other provider can match this monthly bill at the moment. And it’s guaranteed for the entire 18 months, so by acting now, you can lock in a great price for the foreseeable future. Calls at the weekend to UK landlines are included as well. Total price over 18 months £340

View this deal from EE broadband

Best broadband deals from other providers

It’s probably the cynic in you that wants proof of how good this EE price is. Worn down by years of hyperbolic promises of great savings, only find out a few days after purchase that you could have saved a tenner at the shop round the corner. We hear you. We sympathise.

So to make sure that you’re not being shortchanged on your internet package, here are the cheapest prices you would currently have to pay to go with the other major providers:

What if I’m already on EE mobile?

If your mobile phone is already on the UK’s fastest 4G network and you were hoping for some perks for broadband, then you’re in luck. If you sign up for broadband as well, EE will add an extra 5GB of data to your mobile plan.

That could make a massive difference to how you use your smartphone, especially if you’re currently on a 1GB or 2GB tariff. It opens up a world of streaming music (think Spotify or Deezer) and TV or films (on Netflix, Amazon Instant or the like) when you’re nowhere near a Wi-Fi connection. Your commute just got great!

Any other freebies?

You are incorrigible! As you might expect, EE will send you a free Bright Box router, although it will charge you £7 for the delivery fees.

But you also get a year’s free subscription to Norton Security Premium antivirus, which can be used across 10 devices including laptops, mobile phones and tablets. It’s worth £69.99 and is a real step up from your computer’s inbuilt security or a basic free antivirus program.

Compare broadband deals

To compare all the broadband plans on the market and make sure you get the internet, TV and phone options that best suit your household, go to our custom-made broadband deals comparison tool.


Download of the day – BlueStacks App Player

If you want to run an Android app on your desktop, you need BlueStacks App Player. This free tool for Windows and Mac puts a virtual smartphone on your screen, complete with the Google Play Store so you can find and run almost any game or app you fancy.

It’s particularly handy if you want to test an app you’re developing, you don’t currently own an Android device, or you want to do something crafty like uploading photos from your PC or Mac to Instagram.

Download here: BlueStacks App Player

Download of the Day is our pick of the best free software around – whether it’s useful, fun, or just plain silly. If you have any recommendations, please send them to


The best Australian laptop deals

laptop deals

If you’re looking for a cheap laptop or a mammoth saving on a premium portable computer, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured the web for savings — from the usual suspects to the niche deal sites— and rounded up all the genuine and worthwhile specials in one neat place. We’ve covered everything from budget browsing machines to high-performance powerhouses, so you’ll no doubt find something to match your needs.

Up the top, we’ve highlighted a selection of the latest deals that we’ve sniffed out, so you can reap the rewards of having your finger on the pulse. Below that we’ve covered some of the more popular laptops that often come up on special, and then included a quick list of the best prices on TechRadar’s pick of the latest best laptops.

If you’re from the US or the UK, check out our selections of the top laptop deals in the US or in the UK.

Best laptop deals this week

Dell Inspiron 11-inch Intel Pentium 4GB 128GB SSD Laptop ($319.20): You won’t find a cheaper modern laptop than what’s being offered on Dell’s eBay store at present. The 11-inch Inspiron with Windows 10, 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD is already being offered for $100 off, taking it down from $499, but if you enter the code PTECH at checkout (and select the included 1 year warranty option), you can knock a further 20% off that and bring it down to a tiny $319.20. Hurry, this offer expires August 21, or while stocks last.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 14-inch 2-in-1 ($2,549): If you’re after a premium 2-in-1, the X1 Yoga from Lenovo balances the perks of powerful performance with a lightweight, slim design. The base model comes with an Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM, and a 256GB SSD. You can currently save up to $900 at the Lenovo store, when you use the code DEALS at checkout, bringing it down from $3,449 to $2,549.

Lenovo Thinkpad E570 15-inch Business Laptop ($1,049): Nab yourself an exceptional business laptop in the Lenovo E570, complete with Windows 10 Pro, a 15-inch Full HD display and Intel Core i5 processor. If you shop at Lenovo’s online store and enter the code DEALS at checkout, you can save $650 on the cost of $1,699, or almost 40%, bringing it down to $1,049.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 128GB i5 4GB ($999): The Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft is a an excellent way to experience desktop-standard software in a tablet form factor — add on a Type Cover and you’ll get yourself one of the best 2-in-1s available. While there is a lower-spec model Surface Pro 4 with a mobile processor, this is the cheapest price you’ll be able to grab a proper Intel Core i5 unit for. From Dick Smith’s store, you can the price has been knocked down from $1,495 to $999.

Asus ZenBook 3 UX390UA 12-inch Ultrabook ($1,995): Asus ZenBook’s are perhaps rivalled only by Apple’s line of laptops when it comes to dazzling aesthetics, and this ZenBook 3’s deep-blue and gold-trim chassis truly dazzles. The specs are also pretty hot, with an Intel Core i7 CPU and 512GB SSD crammed into a refined and sleek chassis. You can knock $760 dollary-doos off the asking price if you shop at Computer Alliance, where it’s currently just $1,995.

We’ll keep on updating the list of deals as and when we find them. Below, you’ll find up to date prices on five of TechRadar’s favourite laptop, so keep an eye out for those savings.

The best deals on our favourite laptops

Over the years we’ve reviewed plenty of laptops and, as a result, we’ve seen what to avoid and what to jump on when there’s savings to be had. We’ll keep track of the prices of some of the best we’ve seen so that you can snatch up a bargain when they do show up. Check out the prices below and see if anything has dropped enough to tickle your fancy.

Best laptops

Saying that we’re very happy with Dell’s XPS 13 is a huge understatement. The slim profile, revolutionary design and small frame bely its powerful performance and gorgeous 13-inch screen. Typically you’d have to weigh up portability and performance, but the XPS 13 has managed to strike a fine balance between the two. With Intel’s latest Skylake processors plus lighting, quick storage and memory, the XPS 13’s starting price is certainly an impressive one. We’re so chuffed with it that it’s taken the top slot as the best Ultrabook, the best Windows laptop and the best overall laptop.

Read the full review: Dell XPS 13

There are some seriously expensive gaming laptops out there, once you get involved in the optimisation and the latest GPUs, things start get pricey. But if you’re after a capable machine on a budget, try out the Dell Inspiron 15-inch gaming laptop.

Read the full review: Dell Inspiron 15-inch gaming laptop

cheap laptop deals

A seriously sleek all-aluminium chassis, a higher resolution than the discontinued Asus ZenBook UX305, and an impressive swath of ports, including the latest USB-C interface, the latest UX310UA ZenBook is a serious contender for the MacBook Air and, if you’re a Windows person, is much better value.

Read the full review: Asus ZenBook UX310

Although the specs are modest, the forward-thinking design of Lenovo’s Yoga Book makes it a decent option for creative types and those that want a little more out of their laptops. Sacrificing a bit of raw power means you’ll get an innovative digital touchpad and drawing surface for a much more intuitive and precise approach to graphical art.

Read the full review: Lenovo Yoga Book

cheap surface pro deals

We know this is technically not a laptop, but it does come close to being a 2-in-1 (if you get the Type Case) and, most importantly, it has the power to get in the ring with some of its non-tablet competitors. Running the full-blown version of Windows 10 and having the option for a powerful Intel Core processor, this is by far the laptoppiest tablet available, and the price certainly isn’t that bad.

Read the full review: Microsoft Surface Pro 4

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