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You’ll soon be able to unsend that risky text in WhatsApp

WhatsApp looks like it is in the final stages of testing its Delete For Everyone feature that will allow you to delete a message you’ve sent, hopefully before those little ticks turn blue.

According to WABetaInfo, a Twitter account dedicated to all things WhatsApp beta, the recall server is now fully functioning and deleting messages. That doesn’t mean that the feature is live yet, just that it works.

Although WABetaInfo seems confident that we won’t have to wait too long:

No, no, come back, please

The applications of this feature are pretty obvious to anyone who has ever accidentally sent a message complaining about a colleague to that colleague, messaged an ex after one too many mojitos, or fallen victim to an unfortunate autocorrect.

The feature will work on both Android and Apple devices, and will delete the message from notifications in both. That means if you get to it fast enough, the recipient may never know what you’ve said.

It looks like they’ll still get a notification, but it will read “This message was deleted” meaning you’ll probably still have to be a little imaginative if they ask what the message was about.

As this is a leak we don’t have official information about where and when this feature will be rolling out, but we have contacted WhatsApp for comment and will let you know official information once we have it.

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Help Microsoft translate Windows 10 with the new Language Community app

Microsoft has released a new app called Language Community, which allows Windows 10 users to provide better translations for settings and apps in the operating system.

The idea behind the app is for people who use non-English language versions of Windows 10 to correct any mistranslations. This can be done quickly and easily by taking a screenshot of the text, then using the Language Community app to select the text and add your own suggestions for a more accurate translation.

If other people have submitted suggestions as well, then you will see those, and you can upvote any that you think are the best.

Those suggestions will then be sent to Microsoft, which should then make those changes.

You can upvote existing suggestions to help find the best translation

Available now (for some)

The Language Community app is available from the Windows Store to download, however, you currently need to be part of the Windows Insiders program and running an early version of the Windows 10 Fall Creators update to install it.

You can see the Language Community app on the Windows Store

It’s easy – and free – to sign up as a Windows Insider, but if you’d rather wait for the final version of the Windows 10 Fall Creators update, you’ll be able to download it on October 17.

We feel that this is a great move by Microsoft. By crowdsourcing improvements to its various translations, especially for more complex and less widely-used languages, we should hopefully see future versions of Windows that are easy to use no matter what your language is.

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Best rugged laptops

If your job entails moving around a lot, or visiting busy worksites and factories, then you’ll want to invest in a rugged laptops.

The best rugged laptop will have a solidly-built body that can withstand drops, or even pressure being placed upon it – such as if something heavy falls on top of it. It should also ideally have some protection against liquids, dust and high and low temperatures.

While rugged built quality is important, the actual laptop itself should not be forgotten about, so we’re also looking for the best rugged laptops that feature powerful components as well.

So, if you’re looking for the best rugged laptop that combined protection with performance, you’ve come to the right place, as below we list the very best rugged laptops on the market today.

Rugged laptops are like small tanks with screens, and the Panasonic ToughBook CF-54, which the company has created mainly for workers in the automotive diagnostic industry, and field service workers specialising in indoor repairs and maintenance – is one of the best for outdoor usage too. It’s thinner and lighter than other rugged laptops on this list, mainly because Panasonic classes this as a ‘semi-rugged’ laptop. That means it’s not the most durable laptop on the market, but it is still very tough – able to withstand falls of up to 90cm. Thanks to its thin and attractive design (by rugged laptop standards), the Panasonic Toughbook CF-54 is the best rugged laptop for people who want a bit of portability to go with their protection.

Dell is another big name laptop maker that also does some excellent rugged laptops. The Dell Latitude 14 Rugged is a fantastic machine that combines a tough outer shell with some very decent specifications, included a fast Intel Core i5 processor and a dedicated AMD Radeon graphics card. The screen looks great and it comes with a matte finish, which makes it comfortable to use outdoors – which is probably where you will be mostly using the Dell Latitude 14 Rugged. We’d have liked to have seen a larger capacity SSD and a bit more RAM, though.

Panasonic Toughbook CF-33 is a very unique device, as it is a 2-in-1 laptop, which can have its keyboard removed to become a rugged tablet. This gives it a flexibility that many of the other devices on this best rugged laptops list miss out on. If you need something to easily carry while you do stock takes and jot down notes, then the Panasonic Toughbook CF-33’s tablet mode works brilliantly. Then, if you need to write documents, turning it back into a laptop allows you to comfortably type away. You do pay a price premium for this, and at $3,649 (about £2,800, AU$4,900) starting cost , it is one of the most expensive devices on our list. At the moment it is only out in the US, but hopefully we’ll see worldwide availability soon.

At first glance you’d think that the HP ProBook x360 11 G1 EE Notebook PC is just an ordinary laptop, rather than a rugged one. However, it actually falls somewhere between the two. While it isn’t designed for big drops and dangerous environments, it is built to withstand more knocks, drops and spillages than normal laptops. This is thanks to an industrial rubberised body, spill resistant keyboard and Corning Gorilla Glass 4 screen. While it may not be as robust as other rugged laptops, it is easily portable, and the screen can be flipped to turn it into tablet mode.

The Lenovo ThinkPad 11e, like the HP ProBook x360 11 G1 EE, is more of a standard laptop with rugged elements to it. However, Lenovo has put a lot of thought into the construction of this machine, so it includes reinforced corners and ports, and can withstand drops of up to 90cm. It has also passed military specifications that ensures that this is a laptop that can withstand a lot of punishment, including high pressure, vibrations, high and low temperatures and a lot more. It’s also modestly priced, while still offering plenty of power for day-to-day tasks.


Xiaomi Launches MacBook Pro killer – the Mi Notebook Pro

Earlier today Chinese tech giants Xiaomi launched its new lineup of laptops, Mi Notebook Pro. “We want to provide good and affordable products that are of high values, sounds very simple but it’s hard to do”, said Xiaomi’s founder and CEO Lei Jun while presenting the new laptop.

The Mi Notebook Pro is one of the earliest notebooks to be powered by Intel’s 8th generation i7 processor, and it has been claimed that they are 40% powerful and efficient than the last generation. Additionally, the 15-inch notebook has dual channel RAM up to 16GB and storage up to 1TB SSD, along with NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics card.

According to Lei Jun, the Mi Notebook features a special cooling system, with symmetrically distributed dual fans and the larger heat pipe, that will double the airflow. ” We designed a special cooling system, in order to get temperature evenly distributed and maintained”, said Lei Jun in his keynote.

On the design side, the Mi Notebook pro has a clean, minimal design and come in a dark gray shade, which looks a lot similar to the latest MacBook Pro. Lei Jun said, ” “many of the engineers in my company love MacBook Pro, that’s why we looked at MacBook Pro when we designed Mi Notebook Pro.” In fact, this special love for MacBook Pro can be seen in the whole presentation as Lei Jun kept comparing everything from benchmarks to keyboard to the MacBook Pro.

Few other specialties of the Mi Notebook Pro include a fingerprint sensor embedded in the top right corner of the track pad, a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection for the display and very narrow side bezels of just 6.25 mm. For connectivity, Mi Notebook Pro has an SD card slot, two USB Type-C ports, a HDMI port, and a headphone jack.

The Mi Notebook costs 6999 RNB in China, approximately 70,000 INR. However, availability in India is not clear at this point.

Disclaimer: Xiaomi paid for TechRadar’s travel and stay to china for the launch event.


Spectra gears up to disrupt the “broken Indian broadband market” with its rebranding

Spectranet has been one of India’s fastest fiber internet service provider covering Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore, for almost a decade. The Gurgaon based broadband provider was recently ranked by Netflix as the fastest ISP in India. And now, the company has undergone a massive rebranding as they gear up to more on the business to customer services, in addition to enterprise and businesses.

With a new brand, Spectra aspires to deliver not just speed but will also follow on three principles – Speed, Service, and Simplicity. The company will provide more services to its customers apart from being a high-speed internet with unlimited data usage, by bringing a new level of broadband experience to consumers.

Speaking to TechRadar India in an exclusive interaction, MD & CEO Udit Mehrotra explained Spectra’s vision going forward. “When we look at the market for broadband services, it is very broken, people don’t get a consistent experience”, said Mr. Mehrotra, as he explains how many of the current providers fail to deliver on what they promise.

“In the industry, we don’t even bother to put an asterisk on the brochures anymore, we just go ahead and lie to the customer”, added Mr. Mehrotra. “When we say unlimited, that means throughout the month, irrespective of how much you use, you continue to get the same service experience.”

Spectra aims to disrupt the broadband service industry by providing 100 Mbps speed across all its packages at affordable price points.”We don’t look at where everybody in India is, we look at where everybody else in Asian is, how can we do better than other Asian countries for that matter”, explained the CEO.

“Our approach to the market and customer has always been how to become an enabler rather than a limiter”, pointed Mehrotra.“ People don’t realize that the consumption of the data has been going up so much, the same 5 minute YouTube video you once watched in 480p now consumes 100 times more data as the quality of the video has gone up to 4k”

The skeptic may question about the space broadband providers have in Indian internet space after the Jio revolution, which saw mobile data prices, especially 4G, being slashed at alarming rates. However, according to Mehrotra, the Jio revolution, in fact, was a positive factor. “What Jio has done is they have enabled millions and millions of Indians who never had access to good quality broadband at a very affordable price. Jio has finally brought affordability more in line with their aspiration, and now more and more people are talking about data.”

Shahnawaz Karim, GM of Marketing at Spectra was quick to point out that “in longer term people will want more reliability and predictability with the broadband network, which mobile broadbands does not’ provide, making broadband services an essential.”

In fact, Spectra is betting on reports that eventually, people even in grassroots levels, experiencing the internet for the first time are will be willing to pay for experience and quality of service, once internet became a necessary part of their daily lives.

Speaking on the rebranding, Udit Mehrotra says “our visions and actions have evolved over a decade, and a little over a year ago, we realized that there was a huge mismatch between how we looked and what we did. It was time to us to bring our look more in line with what we did, as a result today we have very crisp, clear, and sharp brand identity. ”

The rebranding efforts began from bottom up, with the old name Spectranet slashed to just Spectra.The company roped in Ochre, a brand and experience consultancy based in London and Dubai. Ochre had been working closely with the leadership team and customers to create the overall brand expression and experience strategy.

By renaming Spectranet to Spectra, the company aspires to become more than just a broadband service provider. It recently forged a partnership with content service provider and is also planning to add more content solutions for its customers to enjoy a wider range of services to its customers.


The best free video editor for Android 2017

It’s easy to shoot videos on your phone, but getting them looking good is much trickier. That’s why you need a video editing app. With one of these handy editors on your phone, you can tweak your clips to perfection before uploading them to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

Video editing apps are so convenient, it’s no surprise that the Google Play Store is packed with them. That’s why we’ve picked out the very best ones, and put them through their paces so you can pick the one that suits the way you shoot.

All of these video editing apps are free to download, and we’ve noted those that include in-app purchases.

1. FilmoraGo

A beautifully designed video editor for Android that delivers amazing results

FilmoraGo for Android is as powerful as many desktop video editors, and works in much the same way. Start by selecting video clips and photos from your device, Facebook or Google, then add them to your pool of resources. The number of media files in your pool will be shown in a tab on the left.

Tap ‘Next’ to access the main editing screen. You’ll see previews of all your images and video clips along the bottom of the screen. Although not labelled as such, this is a timeline, and you can drag each file to rearrange them.

There are ready-made themes to give your video a new look. You can try them out with a single tap, and they’re fun if you’re planning to upload your creation to Facebook.

If you have multiple video clips or images, you can apply fun transitions to switch between them, and although no way to split video clips into sections, you can crop the video, change the aspect ratio and add subtitles. You’ll also find all the usual color optimization options (brightness, contrast, saturation etc), plus speed adjustment.

One of FilmoraGo’s most impressive features is picture-in-picture, which lets you insert a second video or still photo, adjust its size and position it wherever you like over the first one. You can even decide when it appears and apply a transition, so it spins, slides or fades into place.

Your video won’t be watermarked when it’s exported, but FilmoraGo will add a brief wordmark at the end. Once it’s processed, the finished video can be sent straight to any social media app you have installed, shared via email, or saved to your device.

FilmoraGo is a remarkable free video editor for Android, packed with more features than many desktop tools. There are no ads, and although FilmoraGo offers in-app purchases for additional filters and effects, the store isn’t obtrusive. Highly recommended.

Download here: FilmoraGo

2. Adobe Premiere Clip

A smart video editing app from the industry leader in creative software

Before you can use Adobe Premiere Clip, you’ll need to sign up for a free Adobe ID if you don’t already have one. It takes a moment, but once it’s done you can use the same login details for all Adobe apps and desktop software. There’s a social element that lets you watch other users’ videos, or you can dive straight into making your own.

When you open a video, there are two options: Automatic and Freeform. Automatic overlays a piece of music, and makes cuts to your video to match the chord changes. This works fine for longer videos that don’t rely on narration, but for shorter pieces or those requiring greater control, you’ll need to use Freeform.

Here you can create a timeline from several video clips and images, trim them size, adjust the speed, select a new soundtrack, and apply filters. The focus here is on smart, professional looking videos rather than fun or silly clips to share with your family on Facebook, so there are no stickers or cheesy animations available. Instead you get a selection of tasteful fade and motion options.

Your finished video won’t be watermarked unless you decide to make your own (you’ll find the tool in the Preferences menu), and when you’re done you can save it to your device, share it on Creative Cloud (if you have an account), publish it, or post it on YouTube or Twitter. It’s a shame there aren’t more social media options, but since this tool is aimed at the more serious end of the spectrum. It makes sense.

Adobe Premiere Clip only works in portrait mode unless you’re watching a video, but the layout makes better use of the available space than many other editing apps available for Android.

Download here: Adobe Premiere Clip

3. VivaVideo

If you’re after something fun, VivaVideo’s special effects are perfect

VivaVideo lets you edit existing videos or capture clips directly within the app. The workflow is much like FilmoraGo’s – open (or record) a clip, then trim it and add it to a timeline.

Like Adobe Premiere Clip, VivaVideo only works in portrait mode – not our preferred choice for videos – and its interface doesn’t make such good use of the space. That said, it’s easy to navigate, and every tool is clearly labelled.

There are various themes to choose from (a wider selection than you’ll find in FilmoraGo), and even more are available as in-app purchases. We’re particularly fond of the Parkour filter, which adds dramatic spins, wipes and random zooms to your clips, and is great fun for spicing up dull footage in an ironic sort of way.

The FX options and animated stickers are also fun, and although there are no manual controls for contrast, saturation and brightness, there are lots of presets – many of which are designed to flatter portraits.

Videos are watermarked with the app’s name, though this is fairly discreet, and there’s a five-minute limit on exported clips. You can lift these limitations by purchasing a subscription for £1.79 (about US$2.50, AU$3) per month or £9.49 (about US$12, AU$15) per year. That might not sound like much, but when superb apps like Adobe Premier Clip and Wondershare Filmora Go are available free, it’s significant.

Download here: VivaVideo

4. KineMaster

A smart video editing app, though the free version is a little limited

KineMaster offers two options: Empty Project and Project Assistant. Using the Project Assistant, begin by selecting all the video clips and photos you want to include, then choose whether you want to use a theme (the standard options are On Stage, Travel and Serene).

Next, add any text you’d like to appear during the video (titles or captions) and finish your project by adding some audio. There are a few samples included with the free app, with many more available as in-app purchases. You can also use MP3 files from your device.

You might be happy with the results as they are, but if not you can add further effects and media using KineMaster’s advanced video editing options. These are presented in an attractive and intuitive wheel menu, and include the ability to add more media, record a voiceover, apply new special effects and insert more text. You can also record new video by tapping the red button in the center of the control wheel.

Delving into the project settings lets you choose how long photos are displayed, apply audio and video fades, and adjust crop and pan options.

When you’re done, add the video to your projects and you’ll be able to watch it, save it to your device or Dropbox, or share it via your preferred social media app. KineMaster will add a small watermark to the top right of your video.

You can remove this, and unlock all the premium music and other assets by upgrading to the pro version for £2.91 (about US$4, AU$5) per month, or £23.25 (about US$30, AU$40) per year. It’s quite a steep price for a mobile app, so we recommend trying the other options here so you can decide whether it’s one you’re willing to pay.

Download here: KineMaster

5. Movie Maker Filmmaker YouTube & Instagram

A great tool for jazzing up videos before sharing them on Instagram

When you fire up Movier Maker Filmmaker YouTube & Instagram, you’ll be prompted to create a new ALIVE account, or log in with Facebook. As with Adobe Premiere Clip, this is so you can use the app’s social video-sharing element, which lets you create a custom profile and follow other users – much like Instagram.

To start making a new video (called a Video Story in the app), tap the plus icon and select the clips and still photos you want to include. The app will scan your document folders for you, so there’s no need to spend time tracking down your media files. The editor itself runs in portrait mode, and targets the fun/silly end of the market with stickers and explosion effects.

Your video will be exported in a square format, making it a good choice for Instagram (as the app’s name suggests), but not for Facebook or other sites. There are no advanced tools for manual color adjustment, but as with KineMaster, you get a generous selection of filters.

There’s a good selection of background music to experiment with (the Determined option will turn a video of your pet frolicking in the garden into a dramatic movie trailer), or you can add a song from your device.

When you’re done, add a description and some hashtags (#FeatureMe and #VLOG are included automatically) and either sit through a couple of ads, or dismiss them. The video will be processed and added to your ALIVE account, where you can download it or share it to your preferred social network.

Movie Maker Filmmaker YouTube & Instagram is a stylish free video editor for Android, but we’re not too keen on the default square output format and the ads are a little intrusive.

Download here: Movie Maker Filmmaker YouTube & Instagram


Exclusive broadband deal: get a £40 M&S voucher when you buy BT internet

Like Oliver Twist, we’ve gone cap in hand to BT internet to ask for an exclusive broadband deal for the TechRadar faithful (that is what happened in Oliver Twist, right?). And we’re delighted to report that BT came back with a cracker.

Until Monday September 18, BT will give TechRadar readers a £40 voucher for Marks and Spencer if you take out a standard BT Unlimited broadband plan, or a super fast BT Infinity fibre package.

And there’s an extra bonus for the next 10 days, too. Grab a BT broadband deal and you also get 12 months of BT Sports. Ideal for football fans and the only place to see live Ashes cricket in the winter.

We’ve got some more information about our excellent exclusive offer below, as well as details of how to claim your voucher. Enjoy!

Our exclusive BT broadband deal

BT Unlimited Broadband | 12 months | Up to 17Mb | UK Weekend calls | BT Sport | £40 M&S voucher | £9.99 upfront | £26.99 per month
If the time has come to renew your broadband deal, then you’ve just got to check out this offer from BT. After only a tenner upfront for the delivery of your new Home Hub router, you pay £26.99 a month and get stacks in return. Calls to UK landlines at weekends, FREE BT Sport and – the icing on the cake – £40 to spend in Marks and Spencer. You can pay an extra fiver a month to get super fast 52Mb fibre if it’s available where you are, and £50 gets you another 80 more channels and a TV Starter box to pause and rewind live TV. Total cost of 12 months £333.87

Get our exclusive BT broadband offer – click the link and scroll to the bottom of the page

How to claim your M&S voucher

Sometimes claiming reward cards and vouchers is a bit of a palaver. But all you have to do here is fill out a very simple online form once your internet has been activated and then sit back, relax and let the M&S voucher come to your way.

BT says that it should land on your welcome mat within 45 days of making your claim. So you’ll have to wait patiently for a few weeks before bagging that new sweater or tucking in to the shop’s Dine In meal deal.

Existing BT broadband customers

If you ordered BT broadband earlier in the week and like the sound of the M&S voucher, we have some bad news to break. This is only available if you order from today up until midnight on Monday September 18.

You can get the free BT Sports offer, but doing so will effectively renew your broadband contract, too. So if you were patiently waiting for your contract to run down and then claim a new cheap broadband deal, then it’s better not to bother.


Google Drive App for Mac and PC Will Shut Down on March 2018

Google has officially announced in a blog post that its Drive application for desktop is being shut down to make way for the next generation cloud synchronization solutions. Support for the existing app shall be stopped from December 11, 2017, and it will cease to work permanently on March 12, 2018.

Do note that the Google Drive service is not going anywhere, it is only the PC and Mac apps that are being discontinued. Those who are using the said applications will start to see the ‘going away’ notification from October onwards. If you access the Google Drive through the web, this termination won’t affect you at all and you can continue using the cloud service through your web browser.

Alternatives of the Google Drive App

Basically, there are two replacements of the Google Drive app for PC and Mac. The first and the easiest one is the ‘Backup and Sync’, while for the enterprise users, there is the ‘Drive File Streamer’. Let’s talk a bit about them.

Backup and Sync

This is the successor of the Google Drive app and it comes with all the functionalities of its precursor. The Backup and Sync is a comprehensive cloud solution and caters every type of content and even the photos and videos saved through Google Photos. Precisely speaking it is the combination of the departing Google Drive app and the Google Photos app.

Speaking of usability, the Backup and Sync works very similarly to the Google Drive software and normal users won’t feel much difference in shifting to it. To download the new app, visit here.

Drive File Stream

Google has also enabled the support for offline access in the Drive File Stream application. You just need to pre-select the files or folders which you wish to use without being connected to the internet and the app intelligently store them on your PC storage.

This is purely meant for the professionals and is currently being beta tested by some G Suite Enterprise, Business and Education customers. As its name suggests, the Drive File Stream is an advanced cloud synchronizing solution that is mostly based on live streaming contents directly from the web.

Unlike the Google Drive, you would not need to download the files to your desktop, but, Drive File Stream shall straightway stream them to your PC or Mac. You will be able to use those files as if they are stored on your computer’s storage. This is going to save a lot of disk space and also save you from the hassle of downloading a file and then opening it.

With Drive File Stream, you may work with Drive files directly from the application of your choice, for example, Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop. Any alterations you make to files in those apps are saved automatically to Drive and you can access them later from any of your devices.


Equifax data breach: How to tell if you’re one of the 143 million users affected

Credit reporting firm Equifax revealed today that criminals gained unauthorized access to personal information for up to 143 million US consumers — more than a third of the nation’s population.

According to Equifax’s investigation, the breach ocurred around mid-May through July of this year, exploiting a website application vulnerability.

The company says it became aware of the intrusion on July 29, and acted promptly to stop the leak and conduct a forensic review for law enforcement.

Among the data stolen during the breach were customers’ names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and driver’s license numbers. So yeah, important stuff.

Equifax also states that approximately 209,000 US consumers may have also had their credit card information comprised.

How to find out if you’re affected

Though a hugely worrying breach, Equifax claims it has found “no evidence of unauthorized activity” on the company’s core consumer or credit reporting databases. Still, the information stolen is highly sensitive.

Equifax has set up a special webpage to help customers learn if their data may be at risk, and if so, what steps they can take to protect their identity.

Once on the page, you’ll select the “Check Potential Impact” button. You’re asked to enter your last name and last six digits of your social security number. We were admittedly wary to give this information considering the hack.

While Equifax says it will provide a message indicating whether your personal information may have been compromised. While one TechRadar staffer received this message, another did not.

Whether your information was stolen or not, Equifax is offering users enrollment in the TrustedID Premier program.

It appears a queue is being formed to allow users to sign up for the credit file monitoring and identity theft protection program; we were given a date of September 13 and told to return to this site on that date. No additional alert will be sent with a reminder to enroll. Enrollment will end on November 21.

You can also call an information line at 866-447-7559. When we called, a recorded message said that if we were “calling with questions about ‘the incident'” to remain on the line. Call volume is understandably high, and our call was ended prematurely.

While primarily a US-based cyber attack, Equifax also identified that “limited personal information” was also accessed pertaining to some UK residents, with more details to come regarding affected users outside the US.


Google is pulling the plug on its Google Drive desktop software

If you use the Google Drive desktop software to keep your important files synced, you’ve got until 12 March 2018 to switch to an alternative.

Google will stop supporting the client on December 11 2017, then it will send it to the great hard drive in the sky three months later.

The company is advising home users to upgrade to the new Google Backup & Sync software instead. This tool, which launched in July, backs up files and folders from your PC or Mac to Google Drive automatically.

The contents of your desktop, your Documents folder and your Pictures folder are selected as standard, but you can choose your own settings if you prefer.

Business users will be advised to switch to Google Drive File Stream, which goes live on September 26. The main difference between the two tools is that File Stream doesn’t store any files locally. Instead, they’re always kept in the cloud and are streamed to your desktop on demand.